Please join us on Thursday the 22nd or Friday the 23rd of February from 18h00 to 20h00 for our Fliekniek: The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a heartwarming animated film adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s beloved novella. Directed by Mark Osborne, the movie brings to life the enchanting tale of a young girl who befriends an eccentric aviator, who regales her with the story of a magical encounter with a little prince from a distant asteroid. As the aviator recounts his adventures with the prince, the girl learns valuable lessons about love, friendship, and the importance of holding onto one’s inner child. With stunning animation and a touching narrative, The Little Prince captivates audiences of all ages with its timeless charm and poignant message.

Popcorn and a beverage are R50. Please email Carin at to reserve your seat (R50 per person).