Please join us on Wednesday the 13th of March at 18:00 for the opening of our second exhibiton for the year: Merging Matter.

Merging Matter is a group exhibition showcasing the work of artists whose practice explores the materiality of painting and photography. In this exhibition, we aim to delve into the captivating relationship between photography and painting, exploring how these two mediums can intersect and mimic one another in their allusion of surface. We are fascinated by the ways in which artists employ techniques, concepts and visual elements from photography and painting to create intriguing and evocative works that blur the boundaries between the two mediums.

Photography, with its ability to allude to realism, and painting, with its interpretive nature and the artist’s hand visible in brushstrokes, share an intriguing parallel. Through this exhibition, we ask artists to delve into this convergence, examining the ways in which photography can emulate painterly qualities, and painting can adopt the illusion of photographic surfaces.

Artists: Nicole Clare Fraser, Garth Meyer, Vanessa Cowling, Peter Eastman, Matt Slater and Strauss Louw