The third event in our Skrywersaand series will feature the launch of not one but two compelling thrillers: The Hidden by Fiona Snyckers and Good Hope by Nick Clelland. Both novels are set in or close to the present day, The Hidden in the United States and Good Hope in an unsettling version of what readers will recognize as Cape Town, offering creative visions of what terror and hope, violence and liberation, could look like in the world of tomorrow. Jonathan Amid will lead the discussion, delving deeply into questions of genre, power, place and the politics of fear.

Join us Wednesday the 15th of May from 17:30 to 19:00 in Jannie se Leeskamer.

Seating is limited. Please contact Délani at to reserve your seat.

The Hidden is published by Pan Macmillan

Good Hope is published by Karavan Press