Oude Leeskamer is proud to announce the launch of The Near North by the award-winning Ivan Vladislavic alongside the return of acclaimed writer at large, Justin Fox, whose Place: South African Literary Journeys has recently enjoyed a fifth print run. Having written so eloquently and insightfully about Johannesburg and the city space in Portrait with Keys, The Near North sees Vladislavic in vintage form, returning to familiar themes with fresh eyes and tremendous heart. Justin Fox, in turn, turns the lens both inward and outward, offering a unique love letter to the South African landscape informed by readings of nine of SA’s most beloved authors and their sense of space and place. Leading the discussion is Jonathan Amid, unpacking how these virtuoso writers go about capturing a sense of place so crucial to their writing projects.

Seating is limited. Please email Délani at events@oudeleeskamer.org to reserve your seat.

The Near North is published by Pan Macmillan

Place: South African Literary Journeys is published by Umuzi